Infidelity Worry

Facing the possibility that a spouse or lover may be straying can bring feelings of hurt, confusion, isolation, and self-doubt.  At a time like this, you need the help of a caring and competent professional who can understand your situation, and provide the answers you need.  You need a Private Investigator who is both on your side, and by your side.

Don’t live in doubt. The investigative specialists at Access are experts in obtaining proof of infidelity.  If you are in need of evidence for divorce, or just want answers for your own personal satisfaction, Access is here for you.

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Often, the individual who suspects a cheating spouse or partner, may at times question whether they themselves are “going crazy.”  If you have questions, and are not sure if you are interpreting your situation correctly, please call us today, and review the signs of infidelity.

Signs of Infidelity

  • Lack of intimacy
  • Unexplained hotel charges
  • Tells you it’s your imagination
  • Cell phone records hidden
  • Change in music or wardrobe
  • Accusing you of having an affair
  • Mood swings
  • New diet
  • Working later
  • Secretly on the internet
  • Argumentative before leaving the house
  • Not answering the cell phone

We employ these investigative techniques to ensure the highest quality results.  Some clients will request for a specific technique to be employed on their case.  If you are interested in a particular service that is not listed above, please contact us and ask us more about it.

Access Investigative Methods

  • Video Surveillance
  • GPS Vehicle Tracking
  • Computer Tracking Software
  • Computer Forensic Analysis
  • DNA Analysis
  • Phone Number Identification and Locates
  • Asset Searches
  • Records Research
  • Technical Surveillance Counter Measures (Bug and Camera Sweeps)

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