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Orlando Private Investigator

If you are in need of an Orlando private investigator, require private investigation services elsewhere in Florida, or on a nationwide basis, Access Investigative Services, Inc. is the right choice for you.  You will find that Access is the most well-rounded private detective agency in the central Florida region.  


How to Choose a Private Investigator

Choosing a Private Investigator can be one of the more difficult decisions you may ever have to make. Often the choice will be at a time when you are facing a difficult life situation, accompanied by great stress and emotional pain. Whether it is for a business, legal, or personal matter, choosing the investigator that is right for your needs is important.


There are several factors that we recommend you consider before hiring a private investigator. First, determine the investigator's licensure status in whatever state they are operating. It is also highly important to know the investigator's education and training, real-world experience, professional reputation, and professional associations.


By taking a few minutes to ask for this information, and verify that you are dealing with a licensed, trained, and experienced investigative professional, you will greatly increase the likelihood of obtaining the results you desire from the investigation.





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At Access Investigative Services, Inc. it is our pleasure to answer your questions and concerns. We do not shy away from inquiries regarding the areas listed above.


You will find that we are a team of educated, investigative specialists with private detectives experienced in marital and infidelity investigations, family, business, legal, insurance, computer and data investigations, background screening, and more. Several of our investigators have over twenty years of real-world experience each.


You will also find that Access Investigative Services, Inc. has developed multiple relationships with professional associations over many years.


We provide investigation services to individuals, businesses, and professionals who need answers, and turn to a team of discreet professionals who can obtain the information they require.

Access Investigative provides:

- Licensed by the State of Florida

- The highest standards of quality and professionalism.

- Experience and expertise.

- Discreet, personalized service.

- Headquartered in Orlando, Florida, and providing service within the state of Florida and beyond.