Computer and Data Investigations

Computer Data Forensics Investigations

Access Investigative Services provides comprehensive computer data and phone data forensic investigations.

Forensics: The use of science and technology to investigate and establish facts in criminal or civil courts of law.
Computer Forensics: The same science applied to computers and other digital media.


Computer Data Investigation

In short, Computer and Data Forensics reveals the activity conducted on a computer or other electronic device, whether or not the evidence has been deleted or hidden. This consists of hidden file recovery from multiple formats, such as text files, graphics, email and more; deleted file recovery, and internet/web activity. Data can also be recovered from various storage media such as, Compact Flash, Smart Media, Memory Stick, PDA’s, digital cameras, cell phones, video game consoles, and more.


Consider This:

  • A savvy computer user may know some tricks to hide their activity from the casual  inquirer.  This includes deleting internet history, email history, cookies, temporary internet files, and more.   Did you know it’s not really gone?  There is usually extensive evidence remaining despite these attempts.  A trained investigator with the right technology can uncover it.
  • Files and documents can be hidden in various ways. They can be embedded in other files, hidden in file slack space, or unallocated disc space. Files, such as graphic image files, can be altered so they do not show in normal file directory listings.  Forensic analysis can reveal these also.

Who needs this service?

  1. The Business Client – Primarily as a means of monitoring employee activity.
  2. The Individual Client – Usually for domestic applications in verifying suspected infidelity, criminal activity, or hidden assets,  Also, Child / Teen activity checks.


Our Methods:

We use some of the same state-of-the art technology and procedures used by local, state, and federal law enforcement agencies. We have learned from the best.  While law enforcement investigators are looking for child pornographers, identity thieves, and drug traffickers, our private investigators use the same techniques on behalf of our commercial and domestic clients.

Types of Services:

Each service can be provided on an individual basis, in combination with several other services, or as part of an all-inclusive forensic analysis package.  We have pricing packages to meet every need.  Individual services include:

  • Email Activity
  • Email Tracing
  • Web Activity
  • Chat Activity
  • Graphic Image Location / Analysis
  • Lost Data Recovery
  • Lost Digital Image Recovery
  • Alternative Media Analysis
  • Password Decryption