Signs They’re Cheating – and What to Do About It



Facing the possibility that a spouse or lover may be straying can bring feelings of hurt, confusion, isolation, and self-doubt. If you think your partner may be cheating, don’t immediately jump to “I’m going crazy.” They may want you to second-guess yourself so as to distract from their own unfaithful behavior. This is intentional and strategic.

Instead of spending time wondering, read the following signs of infidelity:

  • Lack of intimacy. Change in physical touch can be a big sign of guilt or change in romantic feelings. Perhaps they seem dreamy or distant.
  • Change in routine. They suddenly must work later, there’s an increase in time unaccounted for, etc.
  • Change in established patterns.  Are they dressing differently? New cologne or perfume, diet or exercise, taste in entertainment?
  • Newfound interest in appearance. If you notice a sudden, noticeable change in the way your partner cares for themselves physically, they may be working to impress someone else.
  • Mood swings. Maybe they seem irritable, grouchy, or sad for no identifiable reason.
  • Starting arguments. They may find fault with you for minor reasons in an attempt to justify their own behavior to themselves.
  • Mind games. Be aware that they may even accuse you of having an affair, being jealous or paranoid.
  • Change in cell phone usage. They answer their phone outside, don’t answer your calls, or delete their call logs.
  • New spending habits. Unexplained charges at restaurants, hotels, or bars. They may even have bills sent elsewhere, such as to their office, instead of home.

If you have questions or feel you may be interpreting your situation incorrectly, don’t hesitate to call us today.

We employ the most advanced technology and are dedicated to uncovering the truth. From video surveillance to internet browser history retrieval, you can count on us to find the answers you’re looking for.

Investigating Business



Why every business professional can benefit from a Private Investigative Specialist


The popular conception of private investigators conjures up images of trench coats, fedoras, high-speed chases in high-end cars, shoot-outs, and meetings with seedy informants in dark alleys on the wrong side of town.


Who doesn’t love Humphrey Bogart’s portrayal of Sam Spade in the Maltese Falcon?  He and other film noir characters epitomize the Private Detective stereotype.  Add to this the likes of Jim Rockford and Tom Magnum, and you have makings of a profession of legends.


Although they can be fun, such legends can obscure the reality of what private investigators do, and the important services they provide.  All professions evolve over time, and the investigative profession has too.


Today’s investigative professional is a far cry from the stereotypes mentioned above.  In business, not recognizing these changes can cause an individual or organization to overlook a valuable business asset and resource.


Today’s businesses run on information, and a modern investigative professional is a great source of information.  He is an information gatherer and provider, often using high-tech and innovative means, as well as, more traditional means.


While most businesses recognize the necessity of IT and HR professionals, many have not yet come to realize how critical it is to acquire accurate information.  A private investigative professional can help.  He is an off-site information resource specialist. It would be helpful to think of the professional investigator as your Information Acquisition (IA) department: your own private intelligence department if you will.  Countless businesses greatly benefit from such a relationship with a private investigator.


Consider a few of the areas where a professional investigator could provide some much-needed intelligence for your business:


Prospective Employees:

Pre-employment background checks, reference checks, education and past employment verification


Current Employees:

Activity checks, non-compete compliance, loss prevention, mystery shopper service, worker’s compensation fraud, and GPS vehicle tracking (for company assets)


Former Employees:

Non-compete compliance, and intellectual property rights



Competitive intelligence analysis, trademark and trade-name infringement, competitive mystery shops



Loss prevention


Prospective Associates or Partners:

Due diligence research, including background checks, financial histories, associations, affiliations, and reputation


General Business:

Skip-trace and debtor/creditor location, asset location, general liability claims investigation, computer forensic (activity) examinations, computer tracking software, bug and camera sweeps (technical surveillance counter measures), closed circuit television (C.C.T.V.) security systems, anti-piracy investigation, executive protection.


There are many additional types of information and services provided by private investigators that could be added to this list.


Ultimately, a private investigator can help make your job easier, by helping you make better informed decisions, helping make your operation more efficient, preventing loss, and helping increase your bottom line.  But with tight budgets and shrinking bottom lines, owners and managers are often reluctant to spend even a modest amount of money on vulnerabilities they have not considered, or on services they do not fully understand.


However, the stark reality is that in today’s business climate, what you don’t know can (and eventually probably will) hurt you.  Ignorance, my friend, is not bliss.


Ben Franklin’s famous adage “an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure,” is possibly more relevant today that when he first penned it.


If you have ever found yourself saying “If I could only find out. . .,” or worse yet, “I wish I had known. . . ,” then you need a professional investigator in your corner.  If you have said these things, call a private investigator today.  You will sleep easier tonight.


Child Endangerment

Child endangerment

 Child Endangerment

“Child Endangerment refers to an act or omission that renders a child to psychological, emotional or physical abuse. Child abuse based on the offense of child endangerment is often a misdemeanor, but endangerment that results in mental illness or serious physical illness or injury is a felony. The child who is subjected to child endangerment is called an abused or neglected child.”


Children are not small adults. They are dependent on their parent(s) for their safety including the provision of nourishment, clothing, nurturing, guidance, and prevention from harm. Most people take good care of their children, but there are many who don’t.


Many times, a divorce can change the entire existence of a small child. The separation of parents is traumatic to say the least, but if one parent has custody of a child and that child is in danger from the custodial parent, a live-in partner, or absence of care as described above, a non-custodial parent may need help to prove that their child is in danger.


Access Investigative Services, Inc. takes all child endangerment suspicions seriously. We offer assistance to parents, grandparents, and school authorities to ensure the safety of our youngest citizens. A child should be able to depend on their adult caregiver without fear or intimidation. Never assume that if an adult is present that your child is safe!


If you suspect a child is in imminent danger, our staff of well-trained investigators can bring peace of mind. We have helped in many custody cases and in the prevention of child endangerment. We are proud of our A+ BBB rating.


If you are looking to obtain full custody of your child and you suspect your child is in danger, don’t wait. Call Accesstoday. Your gut feeling is often correct.  It’s time to act.

Being A Landlord Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Background Checks For Rental Property


Being A Landlord Is Not For The Faint Of Heart

Becoming a landlord is more than leasing a property that you own to another person. Even following up on references provided by a potential tenant may not be specific enough. Did you know that in some states, your tenant can take over your property even if you have a signed contract that says they can be evicted for non-payment of rent? Do you know the steps necessary to prevent the wrong person from leasing your property?


Access Investigation Services can provide you with the peace of mind that your property is in good hands. A thorough background check is needed to insure that your tenants are reliable and have no criminal background history.


Access Investigation Services will look for prior evictions, criminal history, sexual predator/offender history, federal watch-list status, and prior address history. Also important is prior history of damage to rental property and illegal activities on rental property. Most people who enter into the business of “landlordship” do not know what it takes to secure an honest tenant. Hiring a real estate company to handle your property does not guarantee a thorough background check. Handling the details yourself can be a disaster.


Access Investigation Services does provide, top-notch background check and screening services. We offer packages that fulfill most of the expected checks, but our licensed investigative professionals each specialize in different areas of expertise and can offer additional searches at your request.  They look into address histories, bankruptcies, liens and judgments.  They can also look into past employment and address histories.  A criminal cannot hide from our thorough background checks.


If you’re considering leasing a property, whether it’s a home or business space, call Access Investigation Services. We promise we’ll leave no stone unturned, and we’ll guide you through the process.  Don’t just lease! Call Access Investigations first.